Get kids interested in drawing

Little kids are natural-born artists. If you provide them with the right materials, they’ll draw anywhere—at restaurants, in the car, anywhere.

One of the best ways to get your kids interested in drawing is to show them how to draw something they love, such as their own favorite pet—it might be puppies and kittens, or other little critters such as ducklings and chicks, bunnies and mice, lambs and fawns.

All of these and more are included in Jane Maday’s new book, Draw Baby Animals. While this isn’t a drawing book specifically for children, it does have easy step-by-steps and simple diagrams adults can use to teach kids how to draw their favorite baby animals. And the materials are minimal—regular graphite pencils and an assortment of colored pencils are all you’ll need.

Here’s a great holiday gift idea for the kids in your life: Create your own drawing kit by combining the book and some pencils and paper to help your budding artist get inspired. They’ll soon discover the sheer pleasure and fun of drawing their own beloved pets!

—Kathy K.
Editor, North Light Books

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