Get some attention for your art

Want the whole world to know about your latest project or prize-winning piece? We just put up an article to help you maximize your exposure: Write a Press Release in 16 Easy Steps.

Michael Chesley Johnson takes the pain out of writing an eye-catching, concise press release with these tips. I couldn’t agree more with some of them—like #4, “Give a precise location.” You wouldn’t believe how many press releases I get here at The Artist’s Magazine that neglect to say what city and state the event is happening in.

The 11th tip is also important—keep it short! You’ve only got a few seconds to catch the interest of the editor or writer. No. 15 is a good one—make sure you’re sending the release to the right person. Don’t send a news release about your pastel workshop to a magazine or blog that only writes about digital art. And sending a release about an event happening in two weeks won’t be of any use to a magazine that comes out quarterly.

Have any of you had particular success or spectacular blunders relating to press releases? Post a comment about it!

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