Give Me Your Art Blog Suggestions!

Every morning when I come into work, the first thing I do is log into Google’s blog feed service, Reader, to see what’s new on my favorite sites. It’s super simple to set up, especially if you already use Gmail. You can add any Web site that has an RSS feed to your Reader account and see instantly when a new post is added. And when you ignore it for the weekend you come back to 100+ messages Monday morning. Surprise! Seriously, it sounds like a lot, but Reader makes sorting through the sites so manageable. If a post doesn’t grab you, just scroll down to the next in the list. If you want to save something for later, you can add a star, or e-mail it to a friend.

These are some of the streams I subscribe to:
Art News Blog
CRAFT Magazine
The Smithsonian’s Eye Level
The New York Times‘ Art and Design section

Do you have any more suggestions for great art-related blogs to read religiously?

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