Going for the Gold: California Art Club Awards

Above: Danielle at the Los Angeles Theatre Gala by Lindsay Goodwin. Below right: Seated Figure by Ignat Igantov.

I’m just back from the opening of the California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition in Pasadena, CA. What a gathering of great artistic talent—and what a scary moment for this visitor from Boulder, CO. Right before the rooftop awards ceremony, Peter Adams, the president of the CAC, announced that the fire marshal wanted some people on my side of the roof to move to the other side pronto because the building was “shifting.” I found this call to action unnerving and moved pretty fast. But the mostly California-based art crowd just calmly ambled over to the other side as if such requests were part of their routine.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, Lindsay Goodwin and Ignat Ignatov, who have appeared in Southwest Art‘s annual “21 Under 31” themed-issue, received awards. As I perused their paintings that night I was struck by the similarities of their models’ poses. Each painting featured a young woman slumped in a chair, one with clothes on and one without.

Tony Peters, yet another 21 under 31 alum, also took home an award for his intriguing self portrait. Among the other top award winners were Adams, Daniel Pinkham, Jove Wang, and Dennis Doheny. Southwest Art’s award of excellence went to Huihan Liu.

By the way, paintings by two new emerging artists caught my attention—a moody portrait by Julio Reyes and some awesome thorny flowers by Candice Bohannon. Keep an eye on them. The CAC show is on view through May 17 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

—Bonnie Gangelhoff

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