I have a question

Hey, you blog readers! I’ve seen a few of you commenting, but even more of you are lurking around in the background somewhere. I’ve got a question for all of you.

What do you like?

It’s simple and straightforward. What do you like reading here? What do you want to see more of? What do you not care for?

Let me know in the comments section. I’m really curious!

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7 thoughts on “I have a question

  1. Fern

    I enjoy the visuals, but I really miss the artist’s tips that was in the emailed newsletter before the blog started. I hate having to open slow internet sites and having to sign in, and then sort through a bunch of stuff I don’t have time to read. The old format had a creativity corner that you could access with one click, and a tips site and that’s all gone. I find the blog a poor replacement, despite the fact that the blog has more information and I can see that you put a lot of quality work into it. My complaint is that the video demos don’t work smoothly. They would be great if they would load. So I don’t read the blog. Having it better organized so I could find the tips with one click would help.

  2. Alan G

    Hi Grace….

    I enjoy your posts just as they are….otherwise I don’t think I would visit pretty much daily.

    Although….if there was a way you could perhaps make coffee and doughnuts available I might stay longer! 🙂

  3. Michael Chesley Johnson

    Thanks for asking, Grace! I’d like to see more of what other artists are doing on the Web — other blogs, websites, etc. — as well as other online resources that are useful, such as the one you recently posted about the Boston Museum. Keep up the great work!