I love utilitarian notebooks

Just got these puppies in last week: Field Notes, a collaboration between Draplin Design Co. and Coudal Partners, two heavyweights in the graphic design arena. A pack of three runs you $9.95 plus shipping.

These notebooks have been getting major props in the blogosphere for a while. If you search the photo site Flickr for “field notes” you come across some pretty cool stuff. Like a design teacher who had students in his class fill the notebooks up with whatever they wanted, and he then posted the results on Flickr.

I’ve been a fan of Draplin’s for a long time because of the hard-workin’, salt-of-the-earth kind of personality injected into pet projects like this. Who wouldn’t love a sketchbook that lists practical applications for itself? Such as:

05. Shoddy Sketches
11. Big Ideas/Insights
12. Small Ideas/Notions
17. Escape Routes
25. Gambling Debts

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