Inside the competition judging room

Did I mention we’re in the middle of the second round of judging for our Annual Art Competition? If it wasn’t already apparent by my lack of blogging, we are totally in the thick of it. 

To give you a little insight, here’s how the competition works after you send in your art:

  1. All the entries are processed by our competitions department (who have been working overtime once the deadline passed).
  2. We send the entries along to our screener judge, who does the first round of viewing.
  3. The screener judge’s selections are sent back to the main office, where The Artist’s Magazine’s editors have the arduous task of cutting down the number of entries in each of the five categories from a few hundred to about 50, who are our finalists.
  4. Then we send them to the final round judges—this year the “celebrity” judges are Nelson Shanks,
    Jane Jones,
    Susan Shatter,
    Jimmy Wright and 

    David N. Kitler. They select the winning images from the finalists and send their results back to us.

  5. Then we get working on the December issue, where we get to reveal the winners! (Here’s last year’s.)

I tell you, this is a grueling process. Right now we’re still working on step 3. All of us have favorites out of the finalists, and I’m really excited to see if any of my personal picks make it to the top.

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