Intense Color: Another Point of View

Now that much of the country is in the gray and frozen depths of winter, do your eyes long for color somewhere, anywhere? A couple of weeks ago Kelly Messerly, a fellow editor here at North Light Books, talked about how a painting in Bob Rohm’s The Painterly Approach was a great example of how intense colors can be appropriate in an otherwise muted landscape.

Many more examples of this idea can be found in Julie Gilbert Pollard’s new book, Brilliant Color: Painting Vibrant Outdoor Scenes. Julie finds painting inspiration in the arid deserts and canyons of Arizona, finding spectacular color where you or I would probably never see it. She says of her use of color:

“If I want to put purple or pink in foliage which my left brain tells me is green, I make it work by using the correct value, then putting whatever color I like where I like.”

Check it out—I think you’ll be surprised at how freeing it is to bypass the color rules sometimes, even if you like to paint representationally.

—Kathy K.
Editor, North Light Books

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