Just the Facts—on Artists

Ever wonder how many working artists there are in the United States? Answer: Almost two million (as of 2005). That number includes all types of artists—painters, designers, writers, dancers, etc. If you’re only talking about people like fine artists, art directors and animators, the number slips to about 217,000—still a hefty representation.

Ever wonder how much money the average artist earns in a year? Or what percentage of artists are male or female or members of a minority? Or what the average level of education is for artists? Ever wonder what city boasts the highest number of artists? (Hint: If you’re talking about fine artists, art directors and animators, the answer isn’t New York—nor Los Angeles.)

You can find answers to all these questions and more in the newly released report, Artists in the Workforce: 1990-2005, created by the National Endowment for the Arts. Download a free PDF of this surprisingly readable and easy-to-navigate 148-page report (or the eight-page summary) and get the facts—on artists.

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5 thoughts on “Just the Facts—on Artists

  1. Holly


    Interesting you should bring up the Southwest. I suppose you noticed that the state with the highest concentration of working fine artists, art directors and animators is New Mexico.

    You might contact the National Endowment of the Arts (webmgr@arts.endow.gov) to find out whether they intend to continue reportage of this type. Let us know what you find out.


  2. Lance

    Is this a continuing project? If so I would be interested in the trends of working artists and their locations post 2005 as well. I feel there is a large movement heading out west and after the housing boom and bust, it would be interesting to see the effects of this massive shift and stagnation on the mobile population and art in particular. I would not be surprised to see new Meccas for art emerging in the Desert of the Southwest say.

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