Learn how to screen print!


There’s still time to do Warhol-style portraits of friends and family for holiday gifts… CRAFT zine has put up step-by-step instructions of how to do screen prints on their blog, along with a list of materials you need.

Serigraphy (if you want to get all fancy) is so versatile. It can be utterly polished or intentionally flawed. Graphic designers love screen prints (and so do I), but the methods have fine-art applications, too.

Have you ever tried screen printing? I’ve done some T-shirts before, but I’d love to attempt something bigger.

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2 thoughts on “Learn how to screen print!

  1. The Dawdler

    No….I have not tried screen printing but….

    …..given the fact that Andy’s “Turquoise Liz” just sold at auction for $23,561,000 this past Wednesday at Sotheby’s New York and…..I have a “task lamp” identical to the ones referenced by the Craft zine folks you linked to, perhaps it is time to turn my attention to such an artistic endeavor. Not that the mentioned dollar figure has influenced my decision mind you!