Looking for Back Issue Bargains?

Time for spring cleaning at our warehouse! That means we’re clearing out our back issues of The Artist’s Magazine. So all printed issues in our online store from 2007 and earlier have been marked down—to $2! Treat yourself to expert painting tips and techniques—plus priceless inspiration—for just two bucks!

Click here to select your favorite back issues now!

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One thought on “Looking for Back Issue Bargains?

  1. laurghita

    So chep, why then dont use an e-book online sale, If you make PDF with high quality scan for those and put them for download for a merely 1$ to the entire world there will be buyers long time after the real stock clearing.

    Like this


    If you offer them on CD then you already have PDF’s, OR at least make CD downloadable, the normal mailing service for entire world cost more than the value of that CD.