Looks Punny

Shoe Horns (ball point pen) by Donald Stewart

Donald Stewart, trained surgeon who gave up the medical profession
because he preferred art over scalpels for helping people feel better, dropped
us a line at The Artist’s Magazine the other day to let us know about his interview with his local Fox affiliate. Do watch it—it’ll only take a few minutes and you’ll come away smiling and—feeling better.

That’s what happened to me, anyway. Stewart creates what he calls composite
drawings—renderings of objects made up of other objects. Some works, like
Shoe Horns (above), are single visual puns, and some pile one
visual pun on top of another so thickly that Stewart provides a list of
“ingredients,” for those who want to be sure they don’t miss anything.

I was so intrigued, I did a some deep investigating (at least 10 minutes worth) and discovered that The Artist’s Magazine ran a piece on Stewart in our column, The Artist’s Life,
back in January 1988. Sorry, that issue isn’t available for sale
anymore, but all you longtime loyal subscribers can look it up. (You knew there was a reason you kept those old issues!)

If your old issues don’t go back that far (or even if they do) you can see more of Stewart’s art on his website at www.dsart.com.

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One thought on “Looks Punny

  1. Z. McCarthy

    I have seen this Artist’s work and it is amazing. His composites are very creative and at first glance fool the eye. It is very interesting that he gives a "ingredients" list. It adds an educational value to the works.