Make your drawings pop!

This past month I’ve been working on budgets for 2010. It’s not exactly creative work, but it must be done if we still want books and magazines in 2010. So I was very happy to spend my Saturday drawing. When I start to draw, I really don’t know where my work will end up. This is probably a reaction to the fact that most of the time, I’ve got more than enough to do, and when I’m drawing, I just unplug and work in the moment. Sound familiar? I really cherish my drawing time because it gives me opportunity to turn inside and embrace my creativity.

My process this week was very simple: Draw a figure using the same pose from different angles. It’s an old artist’s trick to get the most out of your model. I drew very fast, taking about seven minutes per drawing. For me, the action doesn’t stop once the pencil is down.  After I blocked everything in, I needed to figure out how to take it to the next level. This week, I really wanted to maintain the simplicity and decided to focus on capturing the head in a square format. I used three colors, one neutral and two complements, yellow-green and red-orange (OK, so not exact complements, but close). These drawings are 7×7 but have a grand sense of scale, a little reminiscent of Pop Art. The bold colors and the layout of the images help make the compositions feel larger than they are. These aren’t exactly portraits, more like advanced studies that work well together.

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