Mentor Moments

Want to find an artist to help guide your development and career? Here are two quick ways to match with a mentor.

  1. Just ask. Mentors won’t seek you out. If you want an accomplished artist to be your art coach, you’ll have to make the effort to identify him or her and start a relationship. But, luckily, most experienced artists are more open to helping others than you might think. So if you’ve found an artist whose work you really admire, just ask her if she’d give you some advice. Send an e-mail or letter, including some transparencies of your work. She may surprise you and say yes, and it may develop into an important mentor/protege relationship.
  2. Get out there. If you don’t make a concerted effort to meet other artists, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find one to be a mentor. So, within your time and budget constraints, do all you can to network with other artists. Attend a conference, take a workshop or join a local art group. No art group in your town? Put a classified ad in the local paper and start one. No money? Paint en plein air around town at populated areas. Chances are, another local artist will encounter you painting outside and strike up a conversation.

In 1999, Catherine Anderson won the Best of Show in the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibit. She also earned signature memberships in the National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West and the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society. Visit her Web site at

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