Munchs on the Mend

You no doubt remember the theft in 2004 from the Munch Museum in Oslo, where a gun-wielding, masked man carried off  Edvard Munch’s Scream and Madonna, as astonished museum-goers and guards looked on. When the paintings were finally recovered in August of 2006, they showed evidence of damage from from rough treatment and exposure to humidity. Today The New York Times reported that a Japanese company operating in Norway, Idemitsu Petroleum of Japan, has pledged $670,000 toward their restoration.The museum plans to publish a book documenting analyses of the damage and the stages in the process of restoration, which may require the services of an eye surgeon to remove splinters of glass shattered from the frames. Should the paintings be shown “as they are” before they undergo treatment? To read conflicting opinions, visit
–Maureen Bloomfield

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