My very artful Christmas

Hi, everybody! I’m back in the office after a very restful week with my family and friends. It’s amazing what a week off does for your overall well-being.

My Christmas was very artistic. My favorite gift might be the two small Charley Harper prints—signed by Charley and his wife!—that my aunt gave me.

This year, I attempted to make all my gifts or buy from local artists. I stuck to my resolution pretty well, as you can see below!

These ornately beaded refrigerator magnets are adorned with lotería images. The owner of St. Teresa Textile Trove here in Cincinnati made them herself. Absolutely gorgeous. My aunts loved them.

I found this mug for my mother at Nvision in Northside. It was thrown by a potter, Bethany Kramer, who lives in the neighborhood!

I made these cross-stitch samplers for my friends for Christmas. I had a bunch of embroidery fabric and then I bought the wooden frames at Goodwill and spray-painted them silver to make them fancy. I highly recommend the scavenging tactic—I spent less than $10 for 15 frames.

Did you make or receive anything particularly artsy for the holidays?

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2 thoughts on “My very artful Christmas

  1. Teresa

    I totally heart your cross-stitches! Those are two of my fav expressions, and "WTF" is so appropriate for all occasions. ;D

    I made novelty soaps and hand-creams for the holidays…not as funny as your samplers though.

    Happy 2009!