My weekend in DC

A story in pictures!

I spent only 48 hours in our nation’s capital, but boy, did I work in a lot of stuff. Most notably, a trip to the Newseum and a walk through the National Portrait Gallery.

My friends and I arrived at the Newseum, a 250,000-square-foot museum dedicated to the history of news, just as a downpour started. Even though the weather got better, we spent the entire afternoon exploring its six floors of displays. That’s the First Amendment inscribed on the front of the museum:

In the first level was an amazing wall-mounted sculpture made of rescued type:

The section devoted to coverage of Sept. 11, 2001, was really impressive. What looks like a sculpture here is a chunk of the radio tower formerly atop the World Trade Center. In the background are an assortment of international front pages from Sept. 12:

It would have been easy to spend a few more days in the museum, especially because of this area, full of hundreds of front pages depicting historic events:

The next day, I spent some time at the National Portrait Gallery before my flight left. Unfortunately, photography was prohibited in many of the areas, so I don’t have any pictures of amazing art to show you, but I do have a picture of this wonderful outlook:

And of the newly remodeled atrium:

I really enjoyed the current “Recognize! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture” exhibit, especially the work from Kehinde Wiley.

What impressed me most about DC is how affordable it is. So many of the museums are free (though the Newseum’s admission is $20), that my only real expenses were food and Metro passes! Plus, my friends and I stayed at a very swank hotel for cheap because they cater to business travelers, who head home on weekends.

Even though my list of places to visit is miles long, I know I’ll head back to DC again before long to hit up all the museums I had to skip this time.

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