MySpace and copyright

Recently, one of our ArtistsNetwork forum users asked about the benefits of using MySpace. Some artists don’t have their own websites, and for those artists, I think MySpace can be a wonderfully helpful tool. But many artists are fearful that their images will be used without their permission. This is a valid concern–no one wants their ideas stolen.

According to their terms, Myspace can use images that you post, but they only get limited rights to your work. You are, afterall, using the site as a service to promote yourself and your artwork. You can rest assured that you retain the copyright to your work. Unless you sign away the copyright, that image belongs to you. If you’re still worried about people using the images that you might post on your profile, you can simply create a link to your own website from your MySpace account. That way, the gazillions of people who might find you on there can still be directed to your art.

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