NEA awards $50M in grants

The National Endowment for the Arts awarded nearly $50 million in grants through the Recovery Act this week, with about $30 million going to individual art nonprofits, and about $20 million going to state and regional arts foundations. The main purpose of the grants is job preservation and sustained service through the economic downturn.

Individual nonprofits mostly were awarded $25,000 or $50,000. Each state art organization is receiving about $300,000, with smaller amounts going to agencies in US territories and larger amounts for regional art organizations.

I was especially excited to see an organization I wrote about in the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine on the list of recipients. Contemporary art gallery SPACES in Cleveland was one of the places mentioned in “Rust Belt Revitalized.” I got senior marketing and development manager Sarah Hoyt on the phone this morning, and she says of the grant, “It’s huge, really.”

“With the state of the economy, it’s very difficult to find people who are able to give general operating support. So this $25,000 is salary support for our communications manager, which means that we’ll be able to continue reaching out to our audiences,” Hoyt says. “Without it, we would have had to cut into general operating funds and possibly even cut from our staff. You never know what other funding might not appear, but this solidifies our base.”

See the list of all state and regional art organizations that received grants here, and the individual nonprofits receiving money here.

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