New Take on the Old West

Indian Detours, Dennis Ziemienski (oil, 72 x 48)

Be sure and check out Southwest Art’s April issue for a look at one artist’s different take on the traditional western art genre. Dennis Ziemienski, a California-based painter, is unique because he casts his creative eye on what he describes as “the old West after the old West.” Historians usually refer to this early 20th century time period as the era when railroads, cars, motels, and rodeos began to dominate America’s western landscape. It’s also a time when the West began to draw tourists from the East Coast to visit a burgeoning array of dude ranches, spas, and resorts. Dennis Ziemienski is fond of saying he relishes painting this transition—a time when the first automobiles were driving alongside men on horseback. Also, in this upcoming issue there’s a special section spotlighting Texas artists as well as stories featuring painters Bruce Cheever, Kent Lovelace, and Molly Schmid. –Bonnie Gangelhoff

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