Nose Job | The Art of Aviation

Stairway to Heaven by Peter Dayton (Xerox collage on aluminum with UV varnish, 27.5 x 22.5)

For some artists, the nose is a prominent feature they don’t want to hide. Eric Firestone and curator Carlo McCormick are set to showcase Nose Job, an exhibition in which the sky is the limit. The show is a tribute to the old vernacular folk-art form of nose art dating from both World Wars in which soldiers painted images and slogans on the noses of military planes. Firestone and McCormick scoured retired planes from America’s air force and gathered nose cones to serve as surfaces of artistic endeavor for contemporary artists, including Aiko, Jane Dickinson, Futura and Ryan McGinnis.

Untitled by Ryan McGinness (mixed media, 84x84x32)

The show is both a reinterpretation of an art form that was ingrained in popular culture and an act of aesthetic recycling. Nose Job runs July 15- August 21 at The Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, New York.

Obey Megaphone by Shepard Fairey (mixed media, 83 x 53 x 38)


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