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For the July issue of The Artist’s Magazine, I edited a feature on the best software for artists, including everything from inventory trackers to model manipulators. As far as image editing goes, the gold standard is Photoshop. (If you haven’t used the full-blown version, you’ve likely come across its less expensive sibling, Photoshop Elements.)

Now, a free version of the software is available online, with 2 GB of storage thrown in. Adobe Photoshop Express offers many of the features included with Elements, such as cropping, color correction and some fun filter and distortion options. (Be aware, though, that agreeing to the terms of service gives other users the rights to display, print and distribute your shared images. If you don’t want your pictures to go public, don’t opt to share them through the site.)

Photo sharing site Flickr also recently rolled out photo editing abilities in partnership with Picnik. All Flickr users can access the basic editing options, and becoming a premium member unlocks more features. Both Picnik and Photoshop Express have some integrated functionality with other websites, like Facebook and Picasa.

Both Photoshop Express and Flickr are good options for artists who don’t want to put down a big chunk of change for a program they’ll use only to resize or crop their pictures.

(And speaking of pictures, I’ll be uploading photos from my trip soon—promise!)

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