Paintings of Weir Farm | An Exhibition

“Paintings of Weir Farm” by New York City Artist Andrew Jones
At the Salmagundi Club, Patrons Gallery, 47 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY
Through Saturday, October 29, 2012

The Old Hemlock Tree at Weir Farm (oil, 12x12) by Andrew Jones


This exhibition of lyrical landscapes emerges from the palette of the nationally recognized painter Andrew Jones. They are the product of his artist-in-residency one year ago at Weir Farm National Historic Site. The farm was the country retreat of J. Alden Weir, a renowned American Impressionist, who, as Jones does now, resided and painted in Greenwich Village. Weir, like Jones, was also a member of the historic Salmagundi Club.

The paintings in this show, which depict the old stone walls, forests, and ponds at Weir’s retreat, not only evoke the quintessentially New England landscape of the farm but also act as the pastoral mirror of Jones’s well-known cityscapes. As he does in his in his portrayals of early New York stoops and railings, Jones applies his love of the past to the bucolic world of Weir’s farm, where Weir’s friends, including Albert Pinkham Ryder, Childe Hassam, and John Twachtman came to paint. Jones witnesses time passing. He portrays the aging stone walls of the farm as architectural relics of a world long lost. Other paintings capture the setting sun in the autumn forest. In his painting Wagon Graveyard, Jones paints the decaying wreckage of a collapsed wagon abandoned in the far reaches of the pasture. It lies parallel with its kin, its rotting spokes gradually sinking into the grassy turf.

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