PBS Show on Art Airs Tonight

A TV show that will take a look at eight masterpieces and enact the stories behind their genesis, Simon Schama’s Power of Art starts tonight on PBS stations. Power of Art  opens with Vincent van Gogh’s last painting, Wheat Fields with Crows, which Schama says “begins modern art.” Schama’s style is brash, anecdotal, and charged. He exults in the connections between art and history, culture and politics. Schama is the author of many books, most notably, perhaps, An
Embarrassment of Riches,
which analyzes the implications of the rise of the Dutch bourgeousie, and
Rembrandt’s Eyes, which examines Rembrandt’s life and ouevre in light of his foil, Rubens. According to Alessandra Stanley’s article in today’s New York Times, tonight’s episode will end with Schama’s describing how Picasso’s Guernica-a version of the painting rendered in tapestry––figured in Colin Powell’s 2003 testimony to the United Nations on the eve of America’s declaration of war against Iraq. Tonight we’re celebrating my older daughter’s birthday, but I’ll try to tape the show. If you catch it, let me know what you think! –Maureen Bloomfield

To see a preview of Power of Art, click on http:///www.pbs.org/previews/simonschama-powerofart/

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2 thoughts on “PBS Show on Art Airs Tonight

  1. Titilola Aladesaiye

    Saw it and loved it, although I have to say thus far Carravagio and Bernini are my favorites in the series. Didn’t know these men as talented as they were, were such egomaniacal jerks. Anyway I can’t wait for David on July 23rd next monday at 10pm in the midwest check your listings!!! I love how he can seperate the talent from the person and judge them equally and fairly.