Philip Booth (1925-2007)

Philip Booth, who studied with Robert Frost and taught at Wellesley and Syracuse University, died July 2nd. Identified with the New England landscape, especially the coast of Maine, he wrote of everyday occurrences, and while his poems are modest in intent, they are vast in their effect. To read some of Philip Booth’s poems, go to
(“Parting” and “First Lesson,” which recounts a father’s teaching his daughter to float, are particularly beautiful.)
I read of Booth’s death today after a weekend in which my children, husband, and I serially re-read Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in anticipation of the release of the newest movie and final book. Our own little Phoenix, the starling, last week flew from my daughter Margaret’s hand toward the mystery of the sky.–Maureen


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