Political art roundup

I get very excited about election years. I’ve got no idea which presidential candidate I’m going to support yet, but when the caravans come to Ohio, I want to try to see every one of them at least once. To get you all in the mood for 10 months of grandstanding, barnstorming and mudslinging, I’ve gathered some smashing links about art and politics:

Presidential portraits from the National Portrait Gallery

The New Statesman on up-and-coming, outside-the-mainstream political artists (and Banksy, of course)

• Andy Thomas’ paintings of presidents playing poker, divided by party: True Blues and Grand Ol’ Gang

Art Threat: Political art for social change: Lefty roundup of visual art

After all that, I started wondering: Is “conservative art” an oxymoron? (A blogger has opined on this question, as has a conservative columnist.) Add your two cents in the comments!

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