Punch Up Your Pastels

To capture the rich color of landscapes, try starting with a gouache underpainting, then working back over it with pastels. Start with a charcoal or pastel sketch on the working surface, then add thin layers for your underpainting, but use more paint in an area where you might want more saturated color. Don’t apply the paint too thickly. Then, once the gouache dries, apply pastels lightly and don’t cover the underpainting—that defeats the purpose.

Frank Francese of Grand Junction, Colorado, has been a professional artist and instructor since 1976. He’s won a long list of awards, had many one-man shows of his work and judged numerous art shows. He’s a signature member of many organizations: the National, Midwest, Colorado and Western Colorado Watercolor Societies; the Watercolor USA Honor Society; Watercolor West; and the Taos Society of Watercolors. He also served on the Board of the Midwest Watercolor Society from 1995 through 1997.

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