Rudolf Stussi at the Blue Dot Gallery

Raking Light (oil, 40x50) by Rudolf Stussi

If I lived anywhere near Toronto, I’d drive straight to the Blue Dot Gallery to see Rudolf Stussi’s one-man show, opening today and on display until May 15. Actually, as Stussi well knows, I couldn’t drive straight to Toronto. Our world, including our roads, is much too curvaceous to allow a straight drive.

Curves are what Stussi brings out—and downright celebrates—with his “fifth” or “perverse” perspective. Take a look at Raking Light, above, and note how the horizontals rise and fall, how the verticals “bend and bob like fishing line in a swell.” In Stussi’s world, even inanimate objects are dynamic, fluid, arbitrary. They radiate energy. And if there’s an underlying music to the universe, one can well imagine the elements of Stussi’s world swaying to the beat.

Okay, I’m a fan. I became acquainted with Stussi’s artwork when I edited his feature “The Fifth Perspective” for the June issue of The Artist’s Magazine. So if you just can’t make it to Toronto, do these next best things. Check out Stussi’s online gallery on The Artist’s Magazine’s website. And read all about the fifth perspective in our June issue, available at

Click here for the print issue of The Artist’s Magazine, June 2010.
Click here for the digital issue of The Artist’s Magazine, June 2010.

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