Save Your Junk Mail!

Those flyers, print ads, greeting cards and postcards are valuable art materials! At least they are in the hands of S.A. Schimmel Gold, who cuts them into bits and pieces for her mosaic portraits. Why use paper? As she puts it, “ink colors are far more diverse than glass or tile.”

Metallic Venus (18×24) and detail, by S.A. Schimmel Gold

Turning Leaf by S.A. Schimmel Gold

To be wowed by more of Schimmel Gold’s work, visit her website at

Most of Schimmel Gold’s portraits have a decidedly contemporary glam about them, yet the basic method of assembling tiny pieces of color to create a picture dates back 4000 years. To see mosaics of every age and style (plus learn just about everything there is to know about the art) take a cyberspace stroll through

Thinking about mosaics sent me on a nostalgic journey recalling other mosaics I’ve encountered (including the candy dish my sister made in early school years). Suddenly I remembered the mosaic on the outside front wall of the church I attended through much of my childhood. The church is on Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Have any of you ever seen the mosaic? Let me know—or tell me about another mosaic that’s special to you.

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