Screening Images for Our Contest

Last week we started looking at slides and digital images entered in The Artist’s Magazine’s annual contest. At this time of year, we always look forward to sequestering ourselves in a dark room, where we project images that are often startlingly beautiful and sometimes utterly surprising. We have more than 12,000 entries! Senior Art Director Daniel Pessell, Associate Editor Lisa Wurster, Managing Editor Chris McHugh and I all agree that the quality of submissions this year is extremely high. Artists seem to be taking more chances; there is more expressive, edgy work; there’s a greater sense of fun, and also of passion.

I’ve juried some shows where the protocol demands utter silence; we, on the other hand, talk incessantly and often vehemently. We spend as much time as it takes to discuss a painting, and then we vote. Luckily, we’ve worked together for awhile and we trust each other’s taste, though I confess I’m more forceful, sometimes, than my colleagues in rendering judgment. By the end of June we’ll have chosen finalists in each category; we will then send those slides and digital entries to our five judges, who will make the final decisions.–Maureen

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