Sometimes the art comes to you

I was working on my laptop Friday evening at Brutopia, a cafe here in Cincinnati, when the scene changed: out with the high schoolers hanging out, and in with the wine and cheese.

It turns out I’d stayed long enough to see the opening for graphic designer and artist Michael Roller‘s “Schematic” paintings. I really dug the edgy landscapes, which are created with spray paint on masonite.

Michael told me these landscapes sprung from a design he did for some martini glasses. He ended up going with another design for the glasses (which you can see on his website), but he wanted to  try using the angular shapes in a 2D way. The paintings, both in simplicity and in color palette, evoke a little bit of Charley Harper to me.

If you happen to be in the Cincinnati area, you can see the paintings in person until June 30 at Brutopia, 278 Ludlow Ave. in the Gaslight District.

Photos courtesy of Michael Roller

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