Southwest Art’s Annual Sculpture Issue

Sheep and Man (bronze, 15x13x6) by Jill Shwaiko

They carve, chisel, and cut. They mold, meld, and manipulate. Southwest Art’s annual July sculpture-themed issue is now on newsstands everywhere, and it’s packed with stories about more than 20 artists who work in steel, bronze, and stone.

Here is an example of what one New Mexico-based sculptor, Jill Shwaiko, has to say about her bronze piece Sheep and Man. “When I create my bighorn sheep sculptures, I also try to capture a moment. I hope the pieces bring the viewer not only a visual experience, but also an emotional and spiritual one. With Sheep and Man, I enjoyed contrasting the rounded, drum-like shape of the sheep’s body to its flat top. The full belly speaks of abundance and well-being. The flat top is like a piece of land upon which man can roam and share with all living things. Maybe, as the sheep turns her head, she assures us that the earth will provide enough for everyone and everything if we use it wisely.”

For more thoughts on the what transpires through the minds of these masters of form and materials, pick up a copy of Southwest Art magazine.—Bonnie Gangelhoff

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