Spotlight on Sheila Cantrell

Sheila Cantrell’s Red Pairs at Play (above; colored pencil, 16×20) was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s 27th Annual Art Competition.

For this painting, Cantrell used Prismacolor pencils on Rising Stonehenge paper. Because the substrate was white, she established this background by applying four to six layers of a combination of dark blue, dark green, red and black pencils to avoid a flat black.

Her inspiration for this painting came from a chance visit to an antique store, where the owner happened to have placed the red and white scarf inside of the seashell vase as a “freebie” for whoever bought the vase itself.

“I immediately had the idea of playing off one strong color (red) against the white in a dramatic still life setting,” said Cantrell. “I often use pears in my compositions, so they were an easy decision. The title, Red Pears at Play, resulted from a remark by my daughter when she exclaimed, “It looks like the pears are having so much fun!”

To read more about this artist and her painting, check out the June issue of The Artist’s Magazine, where we put the Competition Spotlight on Cantrell’s Red Pears at Play.

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