Spray it, don’t say it 2

In the January issue of The Artist’s Magazine, The Artist’s Life section included a roundup of graffiti books and a review of Graffiti TV. If you can’t get enough of the stylized lettering and clandestine art, check out Catch Me If You Can, a glossy magazine packed to the brim with panoramic photos of bus-sized pieces—plus a pull-out poster!

The magazine’s editor, Kenneth D. Ashley, saw the “Spray it, don’t say it” article in his wife’s copy of The Artist’s Magazine and sent me a copy because, he says, “I feel that many do not realize the beauty that can come from graffiti.” There’s a lot of beautiful, bizarre, edgy and intuitive work in here.

[An aside—I wondered what kinds of businesses would advertise in a magazine about graffiti, a pastime that generally infuriates business owners. I now know the answer: places that sell markers and paint!]

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