Still Life Art and The Artists Community Project

Calling all artists! We want to build an even stronger community with you.

At Artists Network we connect artists with ideas, inspiration, and instruction by bringing you art articles, art education, and art contests, and we’re always adding more.

Now we’re introducing the Artists Community Project to connect with you, and help you connect with others.

Best Still Life Painting Techniques and Stories That Inspire

Hands Across America by Scott Royston, Honorable Mention from The Artist’s Magazine 21st Annual Art Competition

Here’s how it works:

  1. Read. Each month we will release an Artists Community Project blog about an art-related topic.
  2. Write. Share your thoughts on that topic in your own blog, and link back to the Artists Community Project blog.
  3. Link. Next, share a link to your blog in the comments section of the Artists Community Project blog for a chance to win monthly prizes.

In order to be consider for the prizes, you must link back to the Artists Network Community project in your blog. The monthly winners will get their blogs featured in the next Artists Community Project blog post that announces the new topic and winners will receive some snazzy art goodies. 

Tin Elephant by Jim Fetter

Tin Elephant by Jim Fetter, 2nd Place Winner from The Artist’s Magazine 20th Annual Art Competition

We want to create the opportunity to hear more from you, foster a forum to share your blog with fellow artists, and provide a fun way to engage with other artists.

As we anticipate the holiday season, we will see glistening lights, joy-evoking holiday decorations, and palatable holiday table dressings. All the sights of the holidays will beam with inspiration for still life art to help us communicate holiday cheer.

Using the anticipation of holiday cheer and the Artists Network free download, Best Still Life Painting Techniques and Stories that Inspireas your inspiration, write your own blog post about your favorite tips for creating dramatic and emotion-filled still life paintings:


  1. This month’s Artists Network Community project topic is still life art.
  2. Write a blog post about painting still lifes.
  3. Share the link to your blog in the comments section of this post for a chance to win this month’s prizes.  Remember to link back to this post, in your blog, to be eligible to win!
Bouquet by Will Wilson

Bouquet by Will Wilson, 1st Place Winner from The Artist’s Magazine 19th Annual Art Competition

We’re excited to connect with you more, and connect you with other artists, in this new, Artists Community Project. Let the blog sharing begin!

Live inspired,


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5 thoughts on “Still Life Art and The Artists Community Project

  1. Claudette McDermott

    MY BLOG: Taking on another challenge, which keeps things fresh in my Art and Life, a recent e-mail from my Wet Canvas subscription told about something new they were coming up with at their site. It’s their “Artists Community Project” where they ask artists to write about a selected theme and attach their link to the blog bringing readers back to their site. Here is their link with my blog on Still Life to follow ~ ~ As a Surrealist painting a still life, takes a very different turn. Personally I do like to challenge myself and when I was in my studio thinking of what can I paint today I looked around to get inspired. I’ve always love the way the gobs of paint looked on my palette and have gone through many, always hanging on to them and nailing them to the wall, like finished art pieces. So I figured I shall make that my Still Life piece for the day. Not really excited about painting a bowl of fruit, which is common to paint in still life works, I decided I need to paint something the makes me smile, no matter what the challenge, hence the painting above of my painting palette. Once I actually painted the wooden palette and palette knife I had to decide how I wanted to paint the globs of paint. Without much thought I just loaded it with paint much like the canvas was my palette. Texture has always been desireable to me in my work so this was perfect and did draw a smile. Hope it did for you too. Remember that Still Life does not have to be a bowl of fruit, let it take you to something that brings a smile to your face and heart ~

    1. Meghan Norton, Online Education Manager Post author

      Claudette, You’re the winner of the first installment of the Artists Community Project. Congratulations!

      Please email me at,, with your mailing address, phone number, and your preferred art medium and we’ll send you a special prize!

      We look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Claudette McDermott

    I love this idea. Themes have always been a motivator in my Art Critique group “ACC/Art Critique & Coffee” ~ While challenging for most artists, to paint to Themes, if you keep it broad enough an artist can bring it around to blend with their style and range. I’ll work on the challenge theme of “Still Life” and blog about it on my own site, to be a part of this new project ~ Best of Luck to all of us! Mahalo ~

    1. Meghan Norton, Online Education Manager Post author

      Claudette, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We love your blog post. Please share with your Art Critique group and invite them to join in the conversation too!