Subscription Scam Warning

We’ve recently received complaints from subscribers about phone solicitations purportedly from The Artist’s Magazine that involve receiving gas cards for $300 and giving payment over the phone. In some cases, we’ve been told, the telemarketers were abusive. They operate under various names (you can see a list of bad agents on our corporate website). These people are not afilliated with The Artist’s Magazine, and we are horrified with the way they’ve approached our customers.

You should renew your subscription only through our official subscription center in Palm Coast, FL, or online at Our mailed notices include The Artist’s Magazine logo and ask that payment be made to The Artist’s Magazine and be sent to Palm Coast, FL. Any requests for payment to someone else or any request that prompts you to send the response to a different address is likely fraudulent.

Contact The Artist’s Magazine‘s customer service representatives:
800/333-0444; 386/246-3370
Subscriber Services, PO Box 421751, Palm Coast, FL 32142-1751

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