Tales From the Studio

Man’s Best Friend
A couple of years ago, as a member of the mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society, I displayed my paintings in an outdoor show in the beautiful little town of Augusta, Missouri. Toward the end of the afternoon most of the artists had left, but I still had my stands up and so did the artist next to me. While we were chatting a big yellow dog walked up, lifted his leg and relieved himself on my art stand. We laughed as my friend said, “Everybody is an art critic these days.”
—LaVonne Allison
Washington, Missouri

Staying Humble
In the summer of 1975 my youngest daughter was on the high school pep squad and had a swim party for seven of her girlfriends. I’d just started painting in acrylics and made seven small landscapes on decoupage panels for her guests.

In October I was at a swap meet and saw one of the landscapes on sale for 5 cents. Naturally, I purchased it without revealing that I was the artist. I annotated it “Stay Humble.” I have it on my studio wall right beside my Grumbacher Gold Medallion, which I won quite a few years later.
—James Roberts
Hemet, California

She’s an Artist, All Right!
A few years ago a longtime friend had invited several people for coffee so that I could get acquainted with some of her neighbors. We were all sitting around the dining room table, comparing individual interests and information on our work. When there was a pause in the conversation, someone asked me how I was spending my time during the summer. I replied that I was doing watercolors.

“Oh?” one of the guests said. “I didn’t know you were an artist!”

“She certainly is an artist!” my friend put in with enthusiasm. And while I waited in suspense for some glowing comments on my worthwhile talent, she came up with the clincher, “She buys her paint in tubes!”
—Marie Scoville
Broadus, Montana

Figure and portrait artist Butch Krieger teaches at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington.

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