The art of Rust Belt cities

We’re wrapping up the July/August issue here at The Artist’s Mag HQ, and I’m especially proud of a story I wrote on how Rust Belt cities are redeveloping themselves as grassroots art hubs. Lo and behold, the Wall Street Journal wrote on the same topic just a few days ago. (It’s hard not to curse the production gods when I get scooped!)

WSJ mainly focuses on the art revitalization happening in Cleveland; my story examines equally projects in Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Here’s a little taste:

“There’s a challenge of rebounding from economic disaster and from people moving away after the collapse of the steel industry,” says Curt Gettman of Pittsburgh’s Sprout Fund. “But what was left was a really great infrastructure, a lot of assets, and a city that understands the value of art and that quality of life isn’t necessarily measured in dollars and cents.”

Read the whole story in the July 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine—on sale June 9 and shipping to subscribers around May 20.

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