The best of Native American art

Chief Two Bears by Kevin Red Star

Kevin Red Star. Dan
. David Bradley. Emmi Whitehorse: These are just some of the best contemporary
Indian artists working today Southwest Art is featuring in its
annual Native American issue.

Namingha’s eye-catching clay pottery (featured at right and on the cover) to Whitehorse’s
colorful abstract canvases, these artists offer
fresh visual voices which take traditional Native art on journeys up, up and away
from stereotypical imagery. What these artists share in common is that they
honor their Hopi, Zuni or Crow cultures while bringing a modern spin
to their artwork.

For example, Whitehorse says she gleans inspiration
from the patterns in Navajo rugs her grandmother wove as well as from photos posted
online from the Hubble Space Telescope and the ciphers and codes that intrigued her
on a visit to the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.

Neap Tide by Emmi Whitehorse

To read all about them, pick up a copy of Southwest
’s August issue.


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