The face of first-round judging

As we three editors and art director sat in a little room, holed up for the last couple of weeks judging competition entries, one of us mentioned how smoothly the judging process was going. Well, that was before we got to the Portrait/Figure category! That’s when tempers flared as we each stood firmly behind the paintings we could not bear to see slip away.

A painting of a face makes quite a connection with an individual. That’s the power of the portrait. Not that the other categories are any less meaningful; they just seem easier to judge, perhaps because there’s no human factor to connect so strongly with.

Dear readers, I intended to post a pic of our viewing room, complete with the large, black plastic sheet (which mischievously kept falling down, until we perfected a system for keeping it firmly on the wall) that we had hung over the windows to block out the light for the purpose of projecting. Our art director even suffered a nail-in-hand incident when trying to hang the darn thing back up. Alas, the judging room was dismantled before I could get in there with my camera (sometimes we’re too efficient). So to make up for it, I’m posting a pic of the disaster area that has become my desk.



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2 thoughts on “The face of first-round judging

  1. Yvonne Davis

    Lisa, I’m feeling you! Your office/desk area looks like you were doing some serious work! Ha! I am one of the Artist that entered your contest. The closer it gets to August 1, the more panic attacks I seem to have. Ha! I can just imagine the struggle that you all endoured looking at all those slides, disks and photos…phew! I am trying to be positive about my entries, but after looking at what kind of pictures and paintings that usually appear in your magazine, I begin to shrink…and I’m 6 feet. But I think that there is always a first for everything, AND THAT MAY BE ME!! (Sigh)….OK, I guess that was it, I was just looking for a sign that things were in deed moving along, and by the looks of your desk, I’d say that you all are doing a heck of a job! I’ll be keeping my eye on the mail box. Kindest regards,
    Yvonne Davis
    Portsmouth, Virginia