The Graphic Works of Philip Pearlstein, 1995 – 2011

Tiger Marionette (1995; lithograph, 24×19) by Philip Pearlstein. Published by Blumenfeld/Lustberg Fine art.
Collection of the Springfield Art Museum. ©Philip Pearlstein

April 16 through June 5, the Springfield Art Museum (Missouri) will host “The Graphic Works of Philip Pearlstein, 1995-2011.” This exhibition continues a series initially begun at the Museum in 1978 with the intent to exhibit the catalogue raisonné of Pearlstein’s graphic work.

A major figure in the sharp-focus realist movement, Pearlstein was a leader in the revival of figure painting in America in the early 1960s. His work concentrates on the realistic depiction of the nude figure and is characterized by unexpected postures, a non-traditional informality and unusual perspectives including the radical cropping of figures.

This exhibit will showcase both Pearlstein’s continued focus on the figure as well as a number of landscapes pulled from drawings made during the artist’s various travels.

To learn about Pearlstein and his close connection with Andy Warhol, click here and order the March 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

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