The joys of small editions

I’m really excited—this morning I interviewed Jen Bekman, a New York City gallery owner and the mastermind behind 20×200, a project that is bringing art to the people, man.

Like the popular Tiny Showcase, 20×200 creates very limited and very affordable runs of high-quality photos and fine art prints. The price structure is what distinguishes 20×200: Each piece comes in an edition of 200 small prints for $20 each, 20 medium-size prints for $200 each, and 2 really big prints for $2,000 each.

I love it because Jen’s bringing art (and exposing emerging artists) to the common Web surfer. The work is gorgeous, and some of the prints totally sell out. (And fine artists are encouraged to submit their work for consideration!)

Keep your eyes peeled for the May issue of The Artist’s Magazine to read the whole article!

Above, Many Mountains by Ky Anderson.

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2 thoughts on “The joys of small editions

  1. Barney Davey

    Hi Grace,

    I’m thrilled to see Jen Bekman getting the notice she deserves. I featured her in a blog post in early December and said at the time the business needs more innovators like her. It won’t do us any good to just admire pioneering types like Jen Bekman, we have to support them as you have done with this post. I’m eager to read the article in the May issue. Keep up your interesting perspective and great work!

  2. Alan G

    As is the norm for you, again you have brought attention to something of great interest one may have never found or noticed.

    This gallery and format is quite interesting and unique to say the least.