The Magic Flute in pictures

If your only exposure to comics was has so far been dime-store pulp publications, it’s worth taking another look at the genre. The superhero genre has expanded and evolved into the world of graphic novels—much more refined, with great attention paid to art and production values.

A graphic novel that recently came across my desk was Mateki: The Magic Flute, based on the Mozart opera. (Mateki is the Japanese word for a kind of flute that’s very responsive to the style of the artist playing it.) The story of a prince fighting evil forces to save a princess is full of beautiful art, as you can see in the pictures here.

The details: Mateki: The Magic Flute by Yoshitaka Amano: 128 pages, $29.99.

Images copyright Mateki: The Magic Flute by Yoshitaka Amano, Radical Publishing, 2008. 

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