The Quang Ho Show

Blue Monday
by Thomas William Jones. Below right, Yellow Tulips and Daffodils (oil, 30×24) by Laura Robb.

If you live in the Denver area and paint or collect art, you’ve heard the name Quang Ho. The respected teacher and painter extraordinaire seems to be one of those people whom everyone knows or claims few degrees of separation from.

Well now Ho, the master artist (and everyone’s BFF), has assembled a blockbuster show that features 50 of the top representational artists in America with styles ranging from traditional to highly expressive. Art America 2009 is on view April 24-26 at Westervelt-Warner Museum of American Art in Tuscaloosa, AL, a hidden gem of a museum with works by John Singer Sargent, Albert Bierstadt, and Winslow Homer.

But Ho’s hand-picked A-list spotlights living legends such as Burton Silverman, Kevin Macpherson, Laura Robb, Thomas William Jones, Richard Schmid, Clyde Aspevig, C.W. Mundy, Dan Gerhartz, and David Leffel.  

Tuscaloosa may not be the first city that springs to mind as an art destination, but Quang Ho hopes to bring some attention to the museum, which is home to the collection of Jack Warner, who has been quietly amassing what’s considered one of the world’s largest cache of historical American art.

—Bonnie Gangelhoff

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One thought on “The Quang Ho Show

  1. Rosemary Carstens

    The photo of the piece by Laura Robb you used is spectacular! Ho’s work is also superb and it speaks volumes about his dedication to his industry that he is reaching beyond his own work to show support for so many others. Thanks for sharing–Tuscaloosa, who knew?