The real Super Tuesday

The polls have been open for more than three hours in Ohio and two in Texas on a day that I like to consider the real Super Tuesday. (You help too, Rhode Island and Vermont.)

Whether you’re still making up your mind between Clinton and Obama, counting on McCain to bring it all home or hoping that Ron Paul will come up from behind to take the White House, if you’re reading this blog you probably hope that the next president will be a supporter of the arts. Some senators and representatives are already getting a head start on the sea change in creating more support for artists.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), and dozens of other lawmakers, are rallying support around the Artist-Museum Partnership Act, a proposal that would change the US tax code in favor of artists. Right now when artists donate their work to museums, they can claim only the value of the materials used as a tax deduction. (OK if you’re working with platinum, bad if you’re working with recyclables.) The act would allow artists, writers and composers to use the market value of the donated work as a deduction, something collectors making donations are already able to do.

You can listen to a story on NPR about Leahy’s push for the bill, and read the full text of the bill on the Library of Congress site. Obama and Clinton have both voiced support for the bill, and you can check out ArtsVote for a listing of candidates’ arts policies.

Want to take action? Tell your representative you support the Artist-Museum Partnership Act. Find out how to contact your senator here, or find your representative in Congress here. And if you’re a Texan, a Vermonter, a Rhode Islander or a Buckeye, get out and vote!

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One thought on “The real Super Tuesday

  1. phil willett

    i am anually requested to make numerous donations to arts related non profits and groups raising funds for charity. will this law cover those donations as well?