Tip File: Green Your Studio, part 1

Try these tips for making your studio a greener place:

Stay close to home. Walk or bike to your studio to reduce carbon emissions.

Insulate properly. Poorly insulated walls, windows and doors waste tons of energy.

Reuse a building. Save the resources that go into building a new studio by renovating an existing building.

Use sun or wind power. Install a solar water heater. Check with your power company about purchasing renewable energy credits, which replace the power you use in your studio with wind-sun- or water-generated electricity.

This tip is an excerpt from an article titled “Eco-Friendly Studios Get the Green Light,” by Tamera Lenz Muente. To read the full article on how artists, architects and developers  join forces to save the Earth (and a little money), click here and order The Artist’s Magazine’s 2009 Annual CD.

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