Tip File: Using a Wipe Out Tool to remove paint

The following is an excerpt from the March 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine; “Make Your Life Easier” by Jane Jones.

No-fuss paint removal
A Wipe Out Tool (Kemper Tools) or Paint Eraser (Loew-Cornell) has firm but flexible rubber tips at both ends that remove wet paint. The angled chisel end acts as a squeegee. The pointed end removes smaller areas and lines. To remove paint completely from an area, rub off as much as possible with the rubber tip and remove the rest with a small amount of solvent on a clean brush. This method removes only the paint you want gone and leaves no mess.

If you have a small amount of paint to remove from an otherwise dry area of an oil painting, the Magic Rub Eraser (Sanford) does the job with gentle pressure. Be sure the surrounding paint is dry, because the eraser will leave crumbs that can be annoying to remove from wet paint. This eraser is also an excellent choice from removing pencil marks.”


How do you remove paint? Let us know!

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