Tip File: Using Gesso

“Much of my work depends on typical wash-on-wash color layering, but as the painting progresses and becomes more opaque, I use white acrylic gesso to add light values, body and texture. The gesso-laden passages give the painting a meatier surface. I mix the watercolor pigment with the gesso on a separate palette from my watercolors and overlay dark passages with light opaques.” ~ Dale Laitinen, from the June 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine (Running Water: Four artists reveal their methods for conjuring wondrous landscapes with fluid acrylic and freeflowing watercolor).

Hydroelectric (watermedia, 29x41) by Dale Laitinen, acrylic, watercolor painting, gesso

Hydroelectric (watermedia, 29x41) by Dale Laitinen

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