Travel Channel will give you an art attack

This sounds pretty cool: “Art Attack with Lee Sandstead” takes you inside the world’s greatest art museums, where the art historian singles out the top five must-see pieces in a fast-paced format. The first season will air on the Travel Channel starting Nov. 30.

You can watch a preview below that describes Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, an installation piece in the Brooklyn Museum.

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5 thoughts on “Travel Channel will give you an art attack

  1. tplano

    Finally an art show I can relate to!

    I just saw the show! I would love to see more information about this show in your magazine! The show is a great and raucaus time traveling through our nation’s greatest museums. What an educational idea! And it is perfect for fifth graders to senior citizens!

    I really love that the host was real; I love his personality and his passion–they both totally shine. Also, I really enjoy the format – selecting the top 5 pieces and getting into the nitty gritty.

    Check it out!

    Here are the next two episodes:

    Saturday 12/6
    6:00pm EST– Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC
    6:30pm EST– Brooklyn Museum, NY

  2. Betsy White

    I LOVE the Brooklyn Museum, and I look forward to the show. What do you think will be the other artworks that he discusses?

    I hope that one is MacMonnies "Bacchante." A very nice piece. There is one in the Met and in Boston, but this one in marble is absolutely incredible, and these pictures do not do the piece justice. But I always thought that it was one of Brooklyn’s masterpieces.