Working With Odorless Thinner

I prefer to use odorless paint thinner as it cuts down on noxious odors, but it’s expensive so I try not to waste any. For economy’s sake, I keep two containers of the liquid on hand. After using one container, I switch to the second container to “rest” the first one until the paint particles settle to the bottom. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the clear thinner to appear on the top, which I then decant into a new container. I leave about a half-inch in the bottom of the old container along with the paint sludge. I dispose of these remains in a container of cat litter kept outdoors for this purpose. For my next painting session, I top off my recycled thinner with just enough fresh thinner to bring it back to the previous level in the container.

Patrick Seslar is a working artist based in Sebring, Florida.

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